Otherwise known as settlement, our closing services will ensure that all involved parties have met the terms of the purchase agreement. We’ll review the closing disclosure and ensure that you have ample time to understand the details before signing your name on the line.

Closing is the day when all your hard work, stress and commitment pays off. It means that you’ve completed all the previous necessary steps to purchase your home. You’ve secured your title insurance, hired an agent, gotten approved and completed your inspections. Once the offer on your home has been accepted by the seller, we’ll start the process of settlement.

Closing is the day when all your hard work, stress and commitment pays off.

At the start of the closing procedure, all the documents that you’ll need to sign will be organized and ready. The paperwork will include your mortgage documents, legal disclosures and tax records. The seller will hand over the deed for the property and officially transfer ownership to you.

There are many agents and representatives involved in home buying which makes it essential that they all communicate well. Working with Greenspring Title Company gives you access to professionals that will make all communication as transparent and smooth as possible. We’re in the business of getting you to closing without the confusion.

On average, it takes about a month to get to settlement. On the day, we’ll make the process as seamless as possible, with the entire transaction taking as little as less than an hour. Your closing costs will be handed over to the seller and the keys will be all yours.

Settlement Services

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